Commissioner Dan’s Picks for 2017-18 Season Awards

Who will walk away with end of season hardware? You’ll have to wait until the end of June for the NBA to tell you. So, lets all just settle for my end of season awards instead

Hello and welcome to the First Annual Commissioner Dan End of Season Awards! And I’m doing it now, because unlike when the NBA presents them, people actually care around this time of the season (please fix this NBA!).

So, let’s get this show on the road. The first award goes to:

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8 and 24: The Best of Both Worlds – Greatest Game (Part 5 of 5)

Which of Kobe Bryant’s games were truly his greatest? What exactly makes a game “great”, anyway? I answer both questions, and more, in my epic 5 part finale.


This is the finale of my 5 part series, covering Kobe’s greatest games. If you missed any of the first 4 parts, click the Kobe tag (or right here) to catch up!


When people think of Kobe wearing his #8 jersey, they think of either one of two Kobe’s: Kobe with the afro, playing together with Shaq winning championships, or Kobe with the tattoo, jacking up shots because he had no one else to pass to. And both versions of Kobe have equally great games that we all remember.

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8 and 24: The Best of Both Worlds – Worst Moment (Part 3 of 5)

What? I love Kobe as much as the next Laker fan, but let’s be honest, Kobe pissed us all off at least once. This category’s goal is to remind us of what we have chosen to forget from each jersey.


This is part 3 of my 5 part series, covering Kobe’s worst moment in each jersey. If you missed Part 1 or 2, click the Kobe tag (or right here) to catch up!


When people have a bone to pick regarding Kobe, it’s always about how selfish he was. In his #8 jersey, Kobe’s worst games were not when he was shooting 30 times a game. They were, oddly enough, when he chose to pass the ball instead. In 2003-04, Kobe had games during the season where Phil Jackson criticized him for ignoring his team and shooting at a higher than normal clip. He infamously responded by ignoring his team and not shooting for a whole half of basketball in a late season matchup against the Sacramento Kings. His lack of aggressiveness in this critical regular season game, which the Lakers lost in blowout fashion, nearly cost his team the Pacific division championship.

In 2005-06, he single-handedly dragged the Lakers to the 7th seed of the playoffs and to the brink of victory against the 2nd seeded Phoenix Suns with a 3-1 series lead. After dropping the next two games, Kobe “quit” on his team in Game 7, taking only 3 shots in the 2nd half. Again, by choosing to be passive and not the player that averaged over 35 PPG during the season, the Lakers exited the first round of the playoffs with a whimper, having been pummeled by 31.

Having said that, all of this is trumped by him snitching on Shaq in 2003.

Were we all just going to sit here and pretend that didn’t happen?

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Team LeBron Vs. Team Steph: The (Un)Official Draft Order of the 2018 NBA All-Star Game

Who did Lebron pick first? When was your favorite player picked? Only I have the answers!

The NBA All-Star game wasn’t always a joke. Sure, for a few quarters here and there, the two teams would take turns dunking on each other. But it also provided us with some great memories. Like Shaq dunking on David Robinson in his hometown (the host city was San Antonio) in 1996. Magic Johnson making a comeback to the court after being diagnosed with HIV in 1992 was also memorable. It was a chance for the fans to see the best players in the NBA all at once, in a game that could previously only be imagined.

Recently though, the competition hasn’t been there. The games have looked more like shootarounds, with teams lining up to the dunk the ball or hoist up a three against zero defense, and scores nearing a ridiculous 200 points.  This year, the NBA made an effort to change this, and spark a competitive fire under the butts of the players, by allowing two team captains to choose their teammates from a pool of 22 other All-Stars, playground style. Continue reading “Team LeBron Vs. Team Steph: The (Un)Official Draft Order of the 2018 NBA All-Star Game”

The First Female Head Coach in NBA History is Becky Hammon. But When?

Taking a break from my weekly Kobe love to give my two cents on a topic gaining popularity.

Recently, I came across a great piece written by Drew Steele. In it, he describes how the timing is perfect for Becky Hammon, a woman who is currently holding an assistant coaching job with the San Antonio Spurs, to become a head coach. Particularly, the recent vacancy created by Jason Kidd’s firing. You can and should read it, here. And while I understand the excitement everyone has for the first female head coach in the NBA, I think one should address the elephant in the room standing beneath a glass ceiling.

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8 and 24: The Best of Both Worlds – Greatest Buzzer Beater (Part 2 of 5)

Probably most important when discussing Kobe Bryant was his ability to snatch a victory away from the opponent. And it’s what made him unique from any other player in his era.


This is part 2 of my 5 part series, covering Kobe’s greatest buzzer beater in each jersey. If you missed Part 1: Greatest Dunk last week, click here to read it. Be sure to follow me on Twitter @cleanupglass, so I can update you on my next post, and give you my quick takes throughout the NBA season.


Kobe has accumulated a library of buzzer beaters, game winners, and lead changing shots over the course of his career. Even early in his career, wearing #8, it seems like when the lights were brightest, Kobe shined brighter. Ask the Suns, when Kobe hit the Game 2 game winner over Jason Kidd, to put the Lakers up 2-0 in the 2000 Western Conference Semi-finals. Or, even better, you could ask the Blazers, when Kobe hit not one, but two ridiculous 3-pointers to give the Lakers a regular season win, and the 2004 Pacific Division Championship. Two shots in one regular season game, what could be more clutch than that?

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8 and 24: The Best of Both Worlds – Greatest Dunk (Part 1 of 5)

Two retired jerseys for one player? It happened. Now that we’ve all come to terms with that, here is the first moment of five that defines the player in each number.


Kobe Bryant has not one, but two jerseys hanging from the rafters in Staples Center. By now, it’s too late for anyone to debate which jersey should be hanging if given the choice. And it’s even too late to debate which version of Kobe was best. You’ve read all of the stats, and they’re all very comparable: 16,866 points to 16,178, eight All-Stars to nine, three championships to two, zero MVP’s to one, zero Finals MVP’s to two… are you still there? I agree, it’s so boring. And the conclusion is always the same: #24 trumps #8. Yawn…

Allow me to unveil my arguments for 8 AND 24. As I stated earlier, there’s no point in arguing which number he was best in, as both jerseys proudly hang high in the stands (that is, until the Clippers play a home game. And since they can’t hide the shame they feel for their futility as a franchise, they’ll hide the Lakers successes). No matter what I say, nobody is going to climb back up there to take a jersey down because I happen to be right again. What my argument will decide is what should (not do, should) we remember most when we look up at those retired jerseys. From his Greatest Regular Season, to his Greatest Dunk, and even his Worst Moment, I guarantee nobody has a breakdown like this one.

Before I begin, I’d like to note that all stats in each part of this series were found, as always, at, unless sited otherwise.

Now, to begin the epic five part series (one for each ring), I present to you, my argument for:

Greatest Dunk

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