Late Whistle

It will be 10 years since disgraced official Tim Donaghy released his tell-all book. Yet another butchering of last season’s NBA playoffs led me to finally give the book a read. Now, I’m wondering what took me so long.

Following the ridiculousness that was the 2018 NBA Playoffs, which prompted a league reaction for #RefWatchParty, I was prompted to write about the results of said reaction; However, I was also prompted to order a book that had been gently gnawing away at my subconscious for close to a decade now: “Personal Foul” by Tim Donaghy.

And I encourage you to do the same, especially if you have any sort of doubts regarding the officiating in the NBA. You really won’t know what to think about the book until you read it for yourself.

Why? Because every opinion I have ever heard about the book is incredibly biased, as anyone who has any kind of negative spin on it has apparently never read the damned thing.

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Did #RefWatchParty Actually Work?

We all had our expectations of how this experiment was going to shake out, but did anyone correctly predict the result?

We all thought it was a joke. Even I had my reservations about it when I heard the news.

But the NBA did the unthinkable. Following heavy criticism after the first two games of this year’s Finals, the league responded by having @OfficialNBARefs, the Twitter handle representing professional basketball’s referees, live tweeting during Game 3 last night. With the internet, who is always both crazy and angry about everything.

It sounded like a terrible idea from the word “go”. The first two games were so bad that, forget the internet, hoop heads everywhere would have ripped the refs a new one in-person. Upon hearing of the news, my mind jumped to some of the terrible calls from the previous games, and how the referees’ Twitter would handle rabid, spiteful fans demanding explanations for some of the worst officiating we have ever seen (or at least in recent memory). How could the referees Twitter attempting to explain away a call that pissed off the entire internet help anything?

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Commissioner Dan’s “Three Step Solution”

Recently, the NBA has promised to “crack down” on reckless closeouts and creating contact during shots. Commissioner Dan has a few ideas of his own.


A new NBA season is on the way, and with it, a season chock full of fantastic plays, broken records, and hopefully an NBA championship for your favorite team (if they happen to be the Warriors). But along with all these great things come a host of issues we’d love to forget. Each year, the NBA comes in with the same mentality: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Even in a financially lucrative sport like football (say what you will about Goodell), the sport is constantly trying to improve itself. Why is basketball so stagnant? It’s not like there isn’t an outcry for changes. What to do about watching a Clippers/Hornets game, where both teams put the opposing center to the line 40 times a game, in hopes they will be subbed out? How about eliminating teams the ability to stack themselves so high with talent, competition becomes obsolete? Commissioner Silver has so far avoided even a fraction of the scrutiny David Stern encountered during his reign, but that doesn’t dismiss the fact he has allowed these issues to fester in the minds of casual and hardcore hoops fans alike.

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