Underrated: Stockton to Malone

The greatest duo in basketball history were simply playing a better, smarter game against their opponents

I recently entertained an alternate dimension in which Michael Jordan never existed. I came to the conclusion that Karl Malone’s legacy was tossed aside because he never won a championship, even though it was one of the greatest players who ever lived that was standing in his way:

    And lastly, Karl Malone becomes the undeniable player of Jordan’s era, securing two straight NBA championships, five scoring championships, three consecutive MVP awards, and (probably) two straight Finals MVP awards.

I ended the post stating – quite matter-of-factly – that Malone’s Utah Jazz would have no problem securing the 1997 and 1998 NBA championships from whomever emerged as Eastern Conference champion each season.

And this decision was easy for me to make because Malone also had John Stockton as a teammate, and because they both shared these three special traits:

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Underrated: Get To Know Your Logo

Some say we need to change the NBA logo to a more current player. It’s apparent we all need a reminder of how great a player Jerry West was.

When you’re a member of the NBA’s Top 50 Players Ever, inside the top thirty players on the All-Time Scoring list, and the logo of the league, it’s almost baffling to say you’re underrated. But, in a basketball world suddenly concerned with how many championships a player has won in their career, Jerry West’s game gets forgotten.

A common argument from younger basketball fans is:

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